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This is a list of the bands and artists that are listed in the RockRom database

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Don & His Q Tones Don & Jerry Don & Jerry & Fugitives
Don & Juan Don & Lee Don & Marty
Don & Pete & Pete Don & The Goodtimes Don & Victory
Don And The Goodtimes Don Bosco Jeugdkoor Don Cole
Don Cossacks Choir Don Hume Don Jordan
Don Juans Don Julian & The Meadowlarks Don Julian\ Meadowlarks
Don Kosaken Don Pablo's Animals Don Pate & The Rhythm Rockets
Don Rays Don't Cry For Me Argentina Don't Know Yet
Don't Panic Don't Stop Don, Billy
Don, Cabaret Quischocking Don, David & Dean Don, Dee
Don, Dick & Jimmy Dona, Alice Donafaye
Donaggio, Pino Donaghy, Eileen Donahue, Billy
Donahue, Dane Donahue, Jerry Donahue, Jerry/ Morter, Doug
Donahue, Miles Donahue, Sam/ Orch Donahue, Troy
Donald D Donald Duck Donald Woods & The Bel Aires/vel Aires
Donald Woods & The Vel Aires Donald Woods \ Vel Aires Donald, Charlie
Donald, Peter Donald, Roger Donald, Wade "jr"
Donalds, Joe Donaldson, Bo & Haywoods Donaldson, Bo & Heywoods
Donaldson, Bobby Donaldson, Bobby & 7th Ave Stompe Donaldson, Davd
Donaldson, Eric Donaldson, Eric/ Spiffy, Herbert Donaldson, Lou
Donaldson, Lou/ Brown, Clifford Donaldson, Stuart Donat, Misha ( Orch
Donat, Robert & Madeleine Carroll & Others Donat, Robert/ (39 Steps) Donata & Dena
Donatella Donatello Donati, Aldo
Donato Donato, Mike & Tridels Donato, Peter
Donau, Original Schwabische Blasmusikanten Donauwellen Donavan
Donays Dondeyne, Desire Dondi
Dondi, Dino Done Done Lying Down
Done-e Doneda, Michel Donegan, Dorothy
Donegan, Lonnie Donegan, Lonnie & Shakin' Pyramids Donegan, Lonnie/ Reilly, Tommy
Donegan, Studs & Mob Donegans Dancing Sunshine Band Donelly, Tanya
Donettes Donfut, Aimable & Son Orch. Musette Doniat, Aime
Donilova, Meme Alexandria Donizetti, Gaetano Donkees
Donkelaar, Familie Donker, Hans Donkers, Huub/ Pierre Dentener
Donkeys Donley, Jimmy Donn & Delighters
Donn Brandon Donn, Johnny & Jazz Rockers Donna
Donna & Celestial Five Donna & Dees Donna & Dolls
Donna & Tennessee Moonshiners Donna Hightower & Group Donna Jo
Donna Loren Donna, Jo Donna, Mary
Donna, Vic Donna, Vic & Parakeets Donnas
Donnay, Luc Donnegan, Lonnie Donnellan, Anne Marie
Donnelly, Bill Donnelly, Donal Donnelly, Philip
Donner, Bob Donner, Ral Donners, Hans
Donnetells Donngle, Kenny Donnie
Donnie & 4 D's Donnie & Arnie Donnie & Bi Langos
Donnie & Cor-vets Donnie & Darlingtons Donnie & Delchords
Donnie & Mustard Men Donnie & Rhea Donnie & Styles
Donnie & The Dreamers Donnie Boy Donnie White
Donnie, Fonnie & Lavorn Donnolly, Seamus Donny
Donny & Marie Donny & The Duke Donnybrooks
Donofrio, Vincent Donon, Philippe Donough, Bob
Donovan Donovan & Brian O'riley Donovan & The Open Road
Donovan Dan Donovan's Brain Donovan, Dan
Donovan, Jason Donovan, Jason/ Minogue, Kylie Donovan, Karen
Donovan, Nancy Donovan/ (1) Donovan/ (2)
Donovan/ Baez, Joan Donovan/ Beck, Jeff/ -group Dons
Donselaar, Rob Van Donson, Lee Dont Stop
Dontay & Infernos Dontells Dontels
Donya Donz Donzella
Donzelli Quintet Doo Dooettes Doo Rights
Doo Wop Kid ( Sam Sivartsen) Doo, Dicky & Don'ts Doobie Brothers
Doobie Brothers/ Taylor, James Dood, Dick Doodle, Mac
Doodlers Doodles Doodletown Pipers
Doody, Howdy & Fontane Sisters Doody, Howdy/ Smith, Bob Doogie, Chadwick
Dool, Eddie Dooley Sisters Dooley, Dottie
Dooley, George Dooley, Jim Dooley, Patricia/ Doyle, Philip
Dooley, Tom Dooley, Tom & His Lovelights Dooley, Tom/ Trio/teddies & Ralf
Dooleys Doom Doomed
Doomsday Machine Doomstone Doone, Lorna
Doonican, Val Doonicans Doonya
Doop Door & The Window Door Knobs
Door, Chr. Kamper Mannenk. Eendracht Verbonden Door, Daisy Door, Daisy/ Peter Thomas
Doorane, Mike Doordouwers Doorlopers
Doors Doorway Through Doot Doot
Dootones Doowoppers Dope, Kenny Presents The Bucketheads
Dopey's Revenge Doppelganger Doppler 20:20
Dor & Confederates Dor, Georges Dora
Doracor Dorado, El Dorado, Hal
Dorados Dorados, Die Doran Bros
Doran Twins Doran, Brigeen Doran, Christy/ Studer, Fredy
Doran, Kathie Doran, Ricky Doran, Studer - Minton, Bates
Dorana, Lia Dorana, Lia/ Rob De Vries Dorane, Mike
Dorau, Andreas/ Die Marinas Doraus, Die & Die Marinas Doraus, Die & Dir Marinas
Doray, Philippe Dorberth, Georg Dorchesters
Dore, Charlie Dore, Rusty Dore, Valerie
Doreen Doreen & All Stars Doreen & Jackie
Doreen, Linda Dorell Sisters Dorellas
Dorelli, Johnny Dorelli, Johnny/ Armando Trovajoli Dorelli, Johnny/ Catherine Spaak
Dorells Doremus, John Doren, Van
Dorety, Dee Dee Dorey, Mick Dorff, Stephen Hartley
Dorff, Steve/ Herbstritt, Larry Dorfmusik, Die Kleine Dorham, Kenny
Dorham, Kenny/ Mclean, Jackie Dori, Donna Doria, Emilio
Dorian Dorian, Mike/ The Sporting Boys Dorians
Dories Dorine, Nadia Doring, Leon
Doris Doris & Joe Doris & Kelley
Doris & The Dots Doris Duke Doris, Maria
Dorisse, Christian Dorita Dorkas
Dorleac, Gilles Dorman, Harold Dormannu
Dorn Sham Rock Dorn, Georgie "little" Dorn, Jacob
Dorn, Jerry Dorn, Pat Dorning, Stacy
Doro Doro & Warlock Doro, Ici
Doroning, Don Doros Dorota
Dorothee Dorothee & Les Recreamis Dorothee & Les Schtroumpfs
Dorothee & Petra Dorothee Club Orchestre Dorothy
Dorothy & Hesitations Dorothy & Jennifer Dorothy Berry
Dorothy Love Coates/original Gospel Har Dorothy Love Coates\ Gospel Harmonettes Dorothy Love Coates\ Original Gospel Har
Dorothy, Oma & Zelpha Dorough, Bob Dorpsgasten
Dorrelles Dors, Chris & Del Fi's Dors, Diana
Dors, Diana/ Dors, Gary Dorsal Atlantica Dorsch, Peter
Dorset, Ray Dorset, Ray & Fabulous Latics Dorset, Ray & Mungo Jerry
Dorset, Ray/ Mungo Jerry Dorsets Dorsett, Joe & Chattanooga Coachme
Dorsett, Johnny Dorsey Orch , Tommy Dorsey Brothers
Dorsey, Bill Dorsey, Dee Dee Dorsey, Gail Ann
Dorsey, Gerry Dorsey, Jack/ Orch Dorsey, Jackie
Dorsey, Jimmy & Orchestra Dorsey, Jimmy/ Orch Dorsey, Lee
Dorsey, Lee/ Harris, Betty Dorsey, Mel Dorsey, Pierre
Dorsey, Thomas A Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey, Tommy & Jimmy
Dorsey, Tommy/ Covington, Warren Dorsey, Tommy/ Jenkins, Gordon Dorsey, Tommy/ Orch
Dorsey, Tommy/ Sinatra, Frank Dorsey, Tommy/ Young, Victor Dorsey, Willa
Dort, Wieteke Van Dort, Wieteke Van & Johan Kaart & Willem Nijholt Dort, Wieteke Van & Joost Prinsen & A. Staartjes
Dort, Wieteke Van & Kinderkoor Dort, Wieteke Van & Willem Nijholt Dort, Wieteke Van/ Bill Van Dijk
Dort, Wieteke Van/ Joop Stokkermans Dort, Wieteke Van/ Willem Nijholt Dorthe
Dorthe Kollo Dortmund, Schutzpolizei Dorus
Dorus ( Tom Manders) Dorus (tom Manders) Dorus D'n Eerste
Dorval, Aube Dos Santos, Jovino Dose Hermanos
Doss, Bob Doss, Bobby Doss, Buster
Doss, Earther ( Jr) Doss, Kenny Doss, Willie
Dossey, Bill Dosseys Dostal, Jerry
Doswell, Kitty "miss Soul" Dot & Smokey Dot, Johnny & Dashes
Dothans Dots Dotson, Big Bill
Dotson, Jimmy Dotson, Jimmy & Blue Dots Dottel, Paul
Dotti & The Diplomats Dottie & Bonnie Dottie & Charline
Dottie & Millie Dottie & Ray Dottore Orch
Dottore Orch. Dottsy Dotty & Bonny
Dotty & Dan Dotty & Kathy Douai, Jacques
Douay, Pascal Double Double 99
Double Cinq Double Date Double Daters
Double Dates Double Dee Double Dee Feat Dany
Double Dee Feat. Dany Double Dutch Double Exposure
Double Fantasy Double Feature Double Four
Double G Double Happys Double Image
Double O Six Double R Gang Double Six
Double Six Of Paris Double Soul Double Take
Double Trouble Double Trouble Band Double Trouble Band & Others
Double Trouble/ The Rebel M c Double U Double Vision
Double W Double You Double You See Band
Double You? Double z Double-dingues, Les
Doubles Doubt Doucet, Came
Doucet, Leonce Doucet, Michael Doucet, Suzanna
Doucet, Suzanne Doucette Douchka
Doud, Earle Doudou Doudoul
Doug & Corky Doug & Dave Doug & Freddy
Doug & Freddy & Pyramids Doug & Josie Doug & Slugs
Doug Robertson & The Good Guys Doug Sahm Dougall Brothers
Dougan, Rob Dough Boys Dough, John
Doughboys Dougherty, Bob Dougherty, Bob "big"
Doughnut Ring Dougie & Dolphins Dougie & Dudes
Dougie The Dude Dougie's Banjo Band Douglas
Douglas & Lonero Douglas Brothers Douglas Fir
Douglas, Al Douglas, April & Ian Douglas, Barry
Douglas, Bethe Douglas, Bill ( His Scottish Dance Band) Douglas, Black
Douglas, Blue Douglas, Bob Douglas, Bobb & Dean
Douglas, Branch Douglas, Brook Douglas, Camille
Douglas, Carl Douglas, Carl/ Big Stampede Douglas, Carol
Douglas, Chic Douglas, Craig Douglas, Dave/ Bell, Tiny/ - Trio
Douglas, David Douglas, Davy Douglas, Dean
Douglas, Dev Douglas, Donna Douglas, Freddy
Douglas, Glenn Douglas, Harry Douglas, Isaac & Singers
Douglas, Jack Douglas, Jack/ Estelle, Don Douglas, Jan
Douglas, Jerry Douglas, Jimmy Douglas, Joe
Douglas, John T Douglas, Johnny Douglas, Johnny Orch.
Douglas, Johnny Superstereo Sound Douglas, Johnny/ Orch Douglas, Julie
Douglas, K C Douglas, K c Douglas, Keith
Douglas, Kellie Douglas, Kirk & Ann-margret & Arnold Schwarz Douglas, Kirk & Laurence Olivier
Douglas, Kirk & Martin Sheen Douglas, Kirk & Mellomen Douglas, Larry
Douglas, Leon Douglas, Leona Douglas, Lew/ Orch
Douglas, Mark Douglas, Mel Douglas, Michael
Douglas, Mike Douglas, Norm Douglas, Norma
Douglas, Peter Douglas, Rob & Dean Douglas, Robb & Dean
Douglas, Ron Douglas, Ronny Douglas, Ronny/ Loneno, Bobby
Douglas, Samuel & Continentals Douglas, Scott Douglas, Shy Guy
Douglas, Sir Albert Douglas, Steve & Rebel Rousers Douglas, Tom
Douglas, Tommy Douglas, Toney Douglas, Toni
Douglas, Tony Douglas, Tony & Shrimpers Douglas, Wayne
Douglasaires Douglass, Roger Douglass, Stephen
Doum Doum Jack Douma, Danny Dourakine, Dimitri
Doust, Barbara Douty, Dee Dee Douwe Egberts Koffie
Douwe, Egbert Dova Doval, Jim
Doval, Jim/ Gauchos Dovale, Debbie Dovanda, Keith
Dove Dove, Diana Dove, Jerry
Dove, Jerry/ Stringbusters Dove, Leisa Dove, Ronnie
Dove, Ronnie & Beltones Dovell, Joan Dovells
Dover, Arnold Dover, Johnny Dover, Jonathan
Dover, Neal Dover, Tommy Dover, Tommy/ Texas Rhythm Boys
Dovers Doves Dow, Johnny
Dowd, Johnny Dowd, Ken Dowd, Larry
Dowdy, Mark Dowdy, Toby Dowe, Brent
Dowe, Brenton ( Gaytones) Dowell, Bobby Dowell, Charlie ( Orch
Dowell, Joe Dowell, Lee Dowell, Paul Dolphins
Dowen, Joe Dowen, Joe & Manitoba Dowie, John
Dowlands ( Brothers) Dowling, Don Dowling, Lesley Rae
Dowling, Tommy Down Down But Not Out
Down By Law Down Children Down County Boys
Down Five Down Homers Down To Earth
Down To The Bone Down, Vicky Downbeats
Downchild Blues Band Downe, Count & Zeros Downer, Bernard
Downes & Price Downes, Bob Downes, Deidre & Broadsiders
Downes, Geoffrey Downes, Geoffrey/ New Dance Orch Downes, Julia
Downes, Paul Downes, Vinnie Downey Jr, Robert
Downey, Larry Downey, Mort "doc" Downey, Morton "jr"
Downey, Morton & Terrytones Downey, Morton ( Sean) Downey, Paul
Downey, Robert "Jr" Downey, Sean Downie, Tyrone
Downing, Al "big" Downing, Big Al Downing, Don
Downing, Jack Downing, Will Downing, Will/ Paris, Mica
Downings Downliner Sect Download
Downs, Bobbie Downs, Eddie Downs, Eddie Joe
Downs, Gil Downs, Kerri Downs, Lavern
Downs, Noble Downs, Tommy Downset
Downsiders Downtown All Stars Downtown Blues Band
Downtown Girls Downtown Science Downtown Sisters/ New Heaven
Downtown Strutz Downtrip Downy Mildew
Dowsett, Janet Doy, Carl Doyg, Larry
Doyle Brothers Doyle, Bobby Doyle, Danny
Doyle, Dicky Doyle, Dooley & Company Doyle, Jack
Doyle, Jimmy Doyle, Peter Doyle, Phil
Doyle, Roger Doyle, Ted Doyle, Terry
Doyley Brothers Doyley Family Dozier Boys
Dozier, Gene & Brotherhood Dozier, Gene & United Front Dozier, Lamont
Dozier, Norman Dozier, Rudy Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich
Dozy Beaky, Mick & Tich Dr Isaiah Ross Dr John
Dr John & Ronnie Barron Dr Ross Draad, Yambo
Draaier, Cees Draaier, Gebroeders Draaiorgel
Draaiorgel Bedstee Draaiorgel Blauwe Pilaar Draaiorgel Kameel
Draaiorgel Moriaan Draaiorgel Pot, Veronica, Golia Draaiorgel Radiostad
Draaiorgel Splendid Draaiorgel Waterpoorter Drachtster Kamerkoor & Others
Dracma Draculas Daughter Drafi
Draft & Bill Drag Darts Drag Kings
Drag Rags Drag Set Dragojevic, Oliver
Dragon Dragon ( Belgium) Dragon ( Italy)
Dragon ( New Zealand) Dragon Wyck Dragon, Paul
Dragon/ (1) Dragon/ (2) Dragon/ (3)
Dragoneers Dragonfly Dragonfly Project
Dragonfly/ U S A Dragoni Brothers Dragoni, Artibano Dei
Dragonmilk Dragons Dragonsfire
Dragonwyck Dragoons Dragovic, Doris
Drags Dragster Dragsters
Dragstripper Dragucon, Johnny Drahdiwaberl
Drain Drain Bramaged Drain, Charles
Draiocht Drake Drake Sisters
Drake, Alanda Drake, Alfred Drake, Alfred/ Morrow, Doretta
Drake, Angela Drake, Angela/ Holmes, Leroy Drake, Barry
Drake, Bernard Drake, Bill Drake, Bob
Drake, Charles Drake, Charles/ Happy Gang Drake, Charlie
Drake, Danny Drake, Don Drake, Earl
Drake, Eddie Drake, Eddy Drake, Galen
Drake, Georgia Drake, Guy Drake, Jimmy
Drake, Joe Drake, Joe "mighty" Drake, Johnny
Drake, Johnny & Kitten Drake, Kent Drake, Mann
Drake, Marty Drake, Nick Drake, Pete
Drake, Shari & Veronairs Drake, Tex Drake, Tony
Drakensberg Boys Choir (rsa) Drakes Drakes, Anthony
Drakkar Drama Drama ( America )
Drama ( France ) Drama ( Netherlands ) Dramarama
Dramatic Express Dramatics Dramatis
Drambacher, Frans & Zijn Solisten Dranem, Jacky Dranes, Arizona
Drange, G I Dransfield, Barry Dransfield, Robin
Dransfield, Robin & Barry Dransfields Drapels
Draper, Denise Draper, Johnny Draper, O'landa & Associates
Draper, Robert Draper, Ronnie & Four-do-matics Draper, Rusty
Draper, Rusty/ Dee, Lola Draper, Tom Drapers
Drapes Drastic Measures Drastics
Drawdy, Bobby Drax Drayton Luce
Drayton, Leslie Drayton, Leslie, & Fun Draytons Two
Dread Flimstone Dread Flintstone & The Modern Dread Orch
Dread Zeppelin Dread Zone Dread, Danny
Dread, Judge Dread, Mikey Dread, Mikey/ Roy, Congo Ashanti
Dread, Sammy Dreadful Shadows Dreadnoughts
Dreadzone Dream Dream Orch
Dream Academy Dream Bags Dream Bank
Dream Child Dream Circle Dream City Film Club
Dream Disciples Dream Express Dream Express Orch
Dream Factory Dream Girls Dream Into Dust
Dream Kings Dream Lovers Dream Machine
Dream Merchant Dream Merchants Dream Orch
Dream Police Dream Regime Dream Syndicate
Dream Team Dream Teem Dream Theater
Dream Theter Dream Time Dream Timers
Dream Warriors Dream Weavers Dream/ (1)
Dream/ (2) Dream/ (3) Dream/ (4)
Dreamboy Dreamcatcher Dreamers
Dreamers & Audrey Dreamettes Dreamgirls
Dreamies Dreaming In Colour Dreamlets
Dreamletts Dreamliners Dreamlovers
Dreamlovers/ Gardner, Russ Dreams Dreams Band
Dreams So Real Dreams/ (1) Dreams/ (2)
Dreams/ (3) Dreams/ (4) Dreamscape
Dreamseller Dreamtones Dreamworld
Dred Bass Dredge Dreem Teem
Dreem, Danny Dreever, John Drei, Die Frackchen
Dreizack Dremers, Beverly Drennan, Tommy & Monarchs
Drennon, Eddie ( B B S Unlimited) Drent, Anneke Drenth, Duo
Drepung Loseling Monestery Monks Drescher, Adolf Dresden, Kinderchor
Dresden, Staatskapelle Dresdner Kreuzchor & Others Dressed Up Animals
Dresser, Lee Dresslar, Len Dressler, Jon
Dreter, Alex Dreu, Gilles Dreu, Gilles/ F De Roubaix
Drevar, John & Expression Drever, Ivan/ Eaglesham, Struan Drew & Dy
Drew Vels Drew' Brew Drew, Alan
Drew, Cornell Drew, David Drew, Doris
Drew, Jimmy Drew, Malvereen Drew, Patti
Drew, Ronnie Drewery, Leonore Drews, Jurgen
Drexall Singers Drexel, Simone Drexler, Werner
Drexler, Werner Orch. Drexler, Werner/ Orch Dreyer, Opa
Dribbling Darts Dribbling Darts Of Love Drie Accordeon Sterren
Drie Accordeon Zusjes Drie Kleine Kleuters Drie Matrozen
Drie, Draaiorgel De Pruiken Driener Meisjeskoor Dries, Jos/ Supporters
Dries, Roosje Driesch, Herr Vom Driessen, Leo & Jef Diederen & Others
Driessen, Wilma & Dolf Van Der Linden Drifter Drifters
Drifters & Capitols & Soul Br Drifters ->b.e. King Drifters, Bill Pinckney
Drifters/ (1) Drifters/ (2) Driftin'
Drifting Charles Drifting Cowboys Drifting Johnny
Drifting Slim Drifting Sun Driftwood
Driftwood, Jimmie Driftwoods Driggers, Hal
Drika Drika & De Boertjes Van Buuten Drill
Drill ( New Zealand) Drill Team Driller Killer
Drinkard Ensemble Drinkard Jubilairs Drinkard Singers
Drinkard Sisters Drinking Electricity Drinkwater, Lee
Drinkwater, Skip Drion Drion, Jean Luc
Dripping Lips Driscoll, Julie Driscoll, Julie & Brian Auger & The Trinity
Driscoll, Julie And Auger, Brian Driscoll, Julie/ Auger, Brian/ Trinity Driscoll, Skip
Drive Drive Like Jehu Drive Out
Drive She Said Driven Driver
Driver 67 Driver, Betty Driver, Cliff
Driver, Cliff Drivers Driver, Eddie Drivers
Drivers & Spacemen Drivin' & Cryin' Drivin' N' Cryin'
Driving Dynamics Driving Wheel Driza Bone
Drizabone Drnwyn Drobny, Milan
Droggs Droids Drolma, Choying/ Tibbetts, Steve
Drome Drones Drongos
Drongos For Europe Dronning Mauds Land Tiden Kler Seg Naken Droogs
Droomers, Trio Piet Droop Drop
Drop In The Grey, A Drop Nineteens Dropkick Murphys
Droppers, Jim Drosselbart Droukas, Joe
Drouot, Jean-claude Drovers Drown
Drowning Craze Drowning Pool Drowning Roses
Drs Dru Dru & Physical Attraction
Drug Addix Drug Free America Drug Squad
Drug Store Drugi Nacin Druginacin
Druick & Lorange Druid Druid Chase
Druids Druids Chase Druids Of Stonehenge ( Uk)
Druids Of Stonehenge ( Us) Druiett, Jimmy Druitt, Jimmy
Drukker, Bernard Drukwerk Drum
Drum Club Drum Island Drum Theatre
Drumbago & The Blenders Drumbago & The Dynamites Drumbago's Orchestra
Drumm, Don Drumm, Donn Drummond
Drummond, Bill Drummond, Daniel Drummond, Dee
Drummond, Don Drummond, Don Drumbago Drummond, Don/ Brooks, Baba
Drummond, Donovan & Cordils Drummond, John Drummond, Keith
Drummond, Lee Drummond, Mike Drummond, Pat
Drummond, Pete Drummond, Ray Drummond, Ray/ Hicks, John
Drummond, Ray/ Mays, Bill Drums, Donald Drunen, Bert Van
Drunk Drunken Boat Drupi
Drusky, Roy Drusky, Roy & Mitchell, Priscilla Drusky, Roy/ Mitchell, Priscilla
Druzhba Dry Branch Fire Squad Dry City Scat Band
Dry Dock County Dry Gins Dry Ice
Dry Jack Dry Ribs Dry, Jimmy
Dryden, Laurie Dryewater Dryman, Allan
Drysdale, Denise/ Sigley, Ernie Drysdale, Don Dryve
Ds '79 Dschinghis Khan Dschinghis Khan Family
Dschinn Dschungelband Dsjokkies
Dsk Du Bats, Rose Du Berry, Steve Feat Born 2 B
Du Bois, Harvey Du Bois, Roberta Du Droppers
Du Ettes Du Shon, Jean Du Shons
Du Tones Du'ambra, Joey Dual Race
Dual Tones Duals Duane & Co
Duane Eddy Duane, Billy Duane, Dick
Duanes Duart, John Duarte, Chris
Duarte, Tito Dub & Cora Dub Band
Dub Crusaders Dub Funk Association Dub Judah
Dub Judah/ Mad Professor Dub Narcotic Sound System Dub Pistols
Dub Set Dub Sex Dub Specialist
Dub Syndicate Dub Tractor Dub War
Dubas, Marie Dubbeldrank Dubbelglas, Duo
Dube, Charles Duberstein, Chuck Dubh, Roisin
Dubious Brothers Dublin City Ramblers Dublin, Sonny
Dubliners Dubmaster Duboff, Steve
Dubois, Claude Dubois, Claude/ Manu Dibango Dubois, Rosalie
Duboise, Frank Duboy, Donna Duboy, Jess ( Hitch Hikers)
Dubreq Dubrovacki Trubaduri Dubrovacki Trubaduri & Others
Dubrovniks Dubs Dubstar
Dubtronix Dubuffet, Jean Dubwar
Ducane, Diane Ducane, Nikki Ducanes
Ducann, John Ducarroz, Pierre Ducas, George
Ducey, A C Ducey, Chris Duchamp, Marcel
Ducharme, Annette Duchateau, Sjef Duchene, Jacques
Duchesne, Andre Duchesne, Jacques Ivan Duchesne, Jacques-ivan
Duchesne, Leila Duchess Duchess Of Bedford ( Mrs Gerald Legge)
Duchesses Duchin, Eddy Duchin, Peter
Duchow, Lawrence Ducie, Alias Duck & Bear
Duck & Dive Duck & The Ponds Duck Food
Duck Shoes Duck You Sucker Duck's Breath Mystery
Duck, Dickie & Waddles Duck, Jay & J D Revolution Duck, Sammy