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This is a list of the bands and artists that are listed in the RockRom database

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Mugwumps Muhammad, Abu Ahla Muhammad, Idris
Muhren, Arnold/ Frederic Francois Muhren, Gerrie & Arnold Muir, Frank
Muirs, Lindsay & Untamed Muizers, Zusjes Mujician
Muki Mul Tee Bag Mulberry Fruit Band
Mulcahy, Mick Mulcays Muldar, Maria
Muldaur, Geoff Muldaur, Geoff & Maria Muldaur, Maria
Muldaur, Maria/ Raitt, Bonnie Mulder, Tom Muldoons
Mule Mule Skinners Mulens Portland Combo
Muleskinner Muleskinners Muley, Ted & Gang
Mulford, Tommy Mulhaire, Martin Mulkey, Abe
Mulkins & Grace Mull, Martin Mull, Regis
Mullane, Mick Mullaney, Dave & Sounds Extraordin Mullard, Arthur
Mullard, Arthur & Hilda Baker Mullen, Bruce Mullen, Dee
Mullen, Jim Mullen, Larry & Adam Clayton Mullens, Peer/ Joke Raviera
Muller Brothers Muller Lampertz, Richard Muller Reh, Dr Med Vet
Muller Westerhagen, Marius Muller, Dirk Jan Muller, Fritz & Rock
Muller, Hans Orch. Muller, Jacques Muller, Marius/ Funhouse
Muller, Marius/ Westernhagen Muller, Peter Muller, Rene
Muller, Thiery Muller, Veronique Muller, Werner
Muller, Werner ( Orch Muller, Werner & Crazy Otto Muller, Werner & Margot Eskens, Gerhard Wendl
Muller, Werner & Others Muller, Werner /kurt Edelhagen Muller-lampertz, Richard
Muller-westernhagen, Marius Mullican, Moon Mullican, Moon/ Bennett, Boyd
Mulligan, Gerry Mulligan, Gerry & Combo Mulligan, Gerry & Concert Jazz Band
Mulligan, Gerry & Quartet Mulligan, Gerry/ Baker, Chet Mulligan, Gerry/ Brubeck, Dave
Mulligan, Gerry/ Konitz, Lee Mulligan, Gerry/ Rogers, Shorty Mulligan, Mick & Jazz Band
Mulligan, Neil Mullin, Bruce Mulliness, Suzanne
Mullins Brothers Mullins, Dee Mullins, Lonnie
Mullins, Rob Mulqueen, Anne Mulray, Bruce
Mulry, Ted Multi Coloured Shades Multi Functioneel
Multi Story Multicoloured Shades Multiplication Rock
Multiuizion Mulu Mulvaney, Gary
Mulvanny, Maeve Mulvihill, Brendan Mulvihill, Tommy
Mumbles Mumfie Gang Mumford Family Band
Mumford, Gene Mumford, Gene & Serenaders Mumma Bear
Mummers Mummers Band Of South Orange Mummies
Mummy Calls Munarriz, Valeria Munch
Munch Brothers Munchener Bierzelt Musikanten Munchener Freiheit
Munchener, Die Munchkins, M L Munchner Kinderchor
Munchner Team 82 Munck Munck, De
Munck, Thomas Mundane Munday, Reg
Munde, Alan Mundell, Hugh Munden, Dave
Mundi, Coati Mundo, Frederico Mundy
Mundy, Bradley ( Orch Mundy, Jennifer Mundy, Jim
Mundy, Marilyn Mundy, Nick Mundy, Reg
Munequitos De Matanzas, Los Mung Mungersdorf, Erasmus Von
Mungo Jerry Mungo Jerry Ray Dorset Mungo Jerry & Brothers Grimm
Mungo Jerry & Grimm Brothe Mungo Jerry & Horizon Mungo Jerry & Tarts
Muni, Scott Munich Munich Machine
Munich Machine Introd. Chris Bennett Munich Machine Introd. Midnite Ladies Muniz, Al
Munju Munk, Danny De Munk, Danny De ->dutch Artists For Mozambique
Munn & Felton's Footwear Band Munnings, Freddie Munnings, Raphael
Munnings, Ray Munoz, Diego Munro, Carlis
Munro, Caroline Munro, Caroline/ mantovani Munro, Chad
Munro, Hal Munro, Judd & Miss Munro, Lee
Munro, Matt Munro, Sonny Munro, Teddy
Munroe, Gerry Munsel, Patrica Munsel, Patrice
Munsey, Adrian Munsey, Kathy Munson, Art
Munson, Ken Munster, Addi Munsters
Munter, Ed Munting, Simon Munx
Munyon, David Munzer, Barbi Muppet Babies
Muppet Joop Van Lijn 8 Muppets Muppets & John Denver
Muppets & Michael Caine Murad's, Jerry Harmonicats Murad, Jerry
Murad, Jerry/ August, Jan Murad, Jerry/ Harmonicats Murals
Murat, Jean Louis Murata, Hiroko Muray, Paule
Murcer, Bobby Murcer, T R Murcia, Nino De
Murder Inc Murder On The Orient Express ( St) Murder The Disturbed
Murdoch, Bruce Murdock, Judy Murdock, Lydia
Murdock, Shirley Mure, Billy & Benny Mure, Billy & Seven Karats
Mure, Billy/ Orch Mure, Gary Mure, Sal
Murena, Tony Murena, Tony & 3 Others Murena, Tony/ Reinharot, Jango
Murfin, Muff Murfreesboro Murfy's Law
Murg, Johann Murgatroid, Miss Murgatroyd Band
Murge Murgia, Italo Murguia, Yon De
Muriel Muriel Kern Muriel, Jenny
Muriel, Monique/ Andre Berly Murmaids Murmur
Muro, Buddy Murphey, Jim Murphey, Michael
Murphey, Michael Martin Murphey, Michael Martin/ Dunn, Holly Murphey, Michael Martin/ Robbins,
Murphey, Michael/ Moffatt, Katy Murphy Murphy Blend
Murphy Sisters Murphy's Murphy's Law
Murphy, Arlene Murphy, Arthur Murphy, Beth
Murphy, Bill Murphy, Bob Murphy, Breige
Murphy, Brian Murphy, Bridey Murphy, Charlie/ Sieber, Jani
Murphy, Chuck Murphy, Colm Murphy, David Lee
Murphy, Delia Murphy, Denis Murphy, Denis/ Clifford, Julia
Murphy, Donnie & Ambassadors Murphy, Eddie Murphy, Elliott
Murphy, Elliott & Iain Matthews Murphy, Frank Murphy, Frank "big"
Murphy, Gwindon Murphy, J D Murphy, J F & Salt
Murphy, Jill Murphy, Jim Murphy, Jimmy
Murphy, Jimmy & Accents Murphy, Joe Murphy, Keith & Daze
Murphy, Maggy Murphy, Mark Murphy, Matt 'Guitar'
Murphy, Matt 'guitar' Murphy, Matt 'guitar' / Memphis Slim Murphy, Matt 'guitar'/ Memphis Slim
Murphy, Michael Murphy, Nick Murphy, Noel
Murphy, Pete Murphy, Peter Murphy, Phil, John & Pip
Murphy, Ralph Murphy, Robert Murphy, Rock
Murphy, Ron Murphy, Rose Murphy, Rosie
Murphy, Steve Murphy, Tiny Murphy, Tiny & Bar 69 Boys
Murphy, Turk Murphy, Walter Murphy, Walter & The Big Apple Band
Murphy, Walter/ John Williams Murphy, Walter/ The Big Apple Band Murphys
Murple, I Murrah, Roger Murrain
Murrain, Marie Murray Murray Hill Militia
Murray Singers Murray The K Murray's Monkeys
Murray, Al B Murray, Alex Murray, Anne
Murray, Anne/ Maclellan, Gene Murray, Anne/ Mallory, Doug Murray, Bill
Murray, Bill & Copeland, George Murray, Billy & Four Cousins Murray, Bryan
Murray, Carol Murray, Chic Murray, Clarence
Murray, David Murray, David & American Gold Band Murray, Don & Gaylords
Murray, Edith Murray, Frank Murray, Jack
Murray, Jan Murray, John Murray, Jugg
Murray, Juggy Murray, Juggy ( Orch Murray, Keith
Murray, Lady Murray, Larry Murray, Louise
Murray, Lynn Murray, Martin Murray, Mickey
Murray, Mickey & Clarence Murray, Micky & G A's Murray, Mike
Murray, Mitch Murray, Mitch & Clan Murray, Neil
Murray, Paul Murray, Paul & Big Tom Murray, Pauline
Murray, Pauline & Invisible Girls Murray, Pauline & Saint Murray, Pauline & Storm
Murray, Pete Murray, Phil Murray, Ronnie
Murray, Ruby Murray, Ruby/ O'dowde, Brendan Murray, Scott
Murray, Sunny & The Untouchable Factor Murraymen Murraymen, The ( E Roecker
Murrays Monkeys Murrel, Davey Murrell, Anna
Murrell, Kris Murrell, Red Murrihy, P J
Murrill, Sandy Murrin, Jelly Belly Murroe, Tina
Murry, Ron Murtaugh, John Murtojarvi, Ilpo
Murvin, Junior Mus Twangs Muscle Munchkins
Muscle Shoals Horns Muscles Musclor & She Ra
Muse Muse, Cynthia Museo Rosenbach
Musette, Merrie Musey, Jean Mushroom
Mushroom's Patience Mushroom/ (1) Mushrooms
Musi Ques Musialik, Jacques Music Academy
Music Asylum Music Bachs Music Box
Music Boys Music By De Vol Music City Orch
Music City Five Music City Five & Ten Music City Singers
Music City Sounds Music City/ Orch/ Chorus Music Combination
Music Company Music De Wolfe Music Doctors
Music Emporium Music Explosion Music Factory
Music Fair Music For Aborigines Music For Pleasure
Music From A Small Planet Music From Around The World Music Hall
Music Italia 90 Music Line Music Machine
Music Makers Music Masters Music Men
Music Motor Music People At Eurovision, Music Rama Band
Music Relief Music Revelation Ensemble Music Room
Music Scene Singers Music Sounds Music Specialists
Music Stars Music Through Six Music Vanns
Musica Aurea De L'universite De Liege Musica Dispersa Musica Electronica Viva
Musica Nova Musica Reservata Musica Urbana
Musicadine Musical Cast Of Toys Musical Janeens
Musical Millers Quartet Musical Mountaineers Musical Reporters
Musical Theatre Musical Wades Musical Youth
Musicante Musicbox Musicians
Musicians Union Band Musiciens Musicmakers
Musico Loco Musics Musikalische Musketiere Koln
Musikanten Quartet Musikanten Quartett Musillami, Michael
Musin, Bertrand Musique Musique & Lyrics
Musique Concret Musique Concrete Musique Noise
Musiques Guides Muskateers Muskee
Muskee, Harry ( Band) Muskee, Harry/ Band Musketeer Gripweed & The Third
Musketeers Musky Muslimgauze
Musselkanaal Musselwhite, Charlie Musset, Adele
Mussi, Vido ( Orch Mussida, Franco Musso, Vido
Mussulli, Boots & Quartet Mustang Mustang, Harry
Mustang, Trio Mustangs Mustangs, Jimmy
Mustard Mustard Family Mustard Plug
Musto D, Lenny & Tommy Musty, Packy/ Area Code Musy, Jean
Musy, John Mutant Rockers Mutantes
Mutants Mutha Goose Mutha's Day Out
Mutilation Mutin, Thierry Mutiny
Mutt 'n' Jeff Muttniks Mutton Birds
Mutton Gun Mutzie Muulebaak Trio
Muvva Hubbard Muys, Bas Muys, Horst
Muys, Horst/ Others Muyselaar, Piet Muziek Express
Muzikale Keuken Muzique Tropique Muzsikas
Muzzi, Loffredo Muzzy Band Mvv
Mvv Hoesorkes Mvv Mathieu Niel Mwale, Anna
Mx 80 Sound My Bloody Valentine My Brilliant Career
My Burden Dream My Captains My Cat Dances
My Dad Is Dead My Dear Watson My Dry Willow
My Dying Bride My Friend The Chocolate Cake My Friends
My Kind Of People My Life Story My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
My Little Funhouse My Lord Sherriffe's Complainte My Mine
My Name My Own Victim My Sister's Machine
My Solid Ground My White Bedroom Myami Zapp
Myami, George Myatt, John Mychael
Myddle Class Myer Myer, Billi
Myers, Alicia Myers, Bernie Myers, Billie
Myers, Bob Myers, Dave Myers, Dave & Surftones
Myers, Frank Myers, Freddy Myers, Gary
Myers, Imogene Myers, Jerry Myers, Jim
Myers, Jimmy Myers, Johnny Myers, Louis
Myers, Mike Myers, Milt Myers, Orella
Myers, Peter & Band Myers, Ralph Myers, Sam
Myers, Sonny Myers, Stanley Myers, Stanley & Richard Harvey
Myers, Stanley/ New Orpheans Myers, Stanley/ Orch Mygen, Bent
Myggen, Bent Myhill Myhill, Richard
Myhre, Wencke Myhre, Wencke & Others Mykal Rose
Mykietyn, Jerome Myleka Myles & Dupont
Myles & Lenny Myles, Alannah Myles, Big Boy
Myles, Billy Myles, David Myles, Dotty
Myles, Heather Myles, Meg Myles, Metrogene
Myles, Raymond Mymo Mynd Music
Mynk Mynox Layh Myofist
Myrbein Myre, Jimmy Myrhiam, Jacky & Emile Sullon
Myriam, Marie Myrick, Bill Myrick, Danny
Myrick, Denny Myrick, Gary & Figures Myrick, Weldon
Myrogens Myron Myron, Mitch
Myrow, Joseph Myrtelles Myrth
Mysia Mysner, Billy Mystere Five's
Mysterians Mysteries Mysterions
Mysterious Art Mysteroids Mystery
Mystery Blues Band Mystery Girls Mystery Guests
Mystery Maker Mystery Man Mystery Romance
Mystery Slang Mystery Tour Mystery Train
Mystery Trend Mystery, Johnny Mysterys
Mystic Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band Mystic Crash
Mystic Force Mystic Harmony Mystic Merlin
Mystic Monks Mystic Moods Mystic Number National Bank
Mystic Radics Mystic Revealers Mystic Rhythm
Mystic Siva Mystic Tide Mystic Touch
Mystica Mystics Mystics, The ( R & B}
Mysticum Mystifier Mystik
Mystikal Mystique Mystral
Mystre Five's Mythical Meadow Mythos
Mythra Myton, Cedric & Congos N + M The Lady Rappers
N 2 Deep N 93 N A A F I Sandwich
N E Philly Band N G C 4594 N H U
N J Orange N Joi N K All Stars
N O R M A / Chris Cutler N Q N Q B
N R A N R B Q ( New Rhythm & Blues Quartet) N R G
N S U N Sync N T Gang
N T N Hong Kong N T N Hong Konk N T T
N Trance N Tyce N U
N V N W A N W A & Posse
N X N Y C Band N Y C C
N Y Central N Y Express N Y J O Big Band
N Y Loose N Y X N' Dour, Youssou
N'Betweens N'Cole N'Dour, Youssou
N'Dour, Youssou,/ Cherrty, Neneh N'Dour, Youssou/ Peter Gabriel N-joi
N8chtschicht Rock Theater Na Fili ( The Poets) Na Margon
Nabarro, Malcolm/ East Of England Or Nabatov, Simon Nabay
Nabbie, Jim Nabbie, Jimmie Nabors, Jim
Nabou Nabu, Else Nacash
Nacash Latino Nace, Johnny Nachbraakesj
Nacho Nachraove Nachraove & Frans Theunisz
Nacht & Nebel Nachtausgabe Nachtegalen Van De Reino
Nada Nada Surf Nadanuf
Nadel, Bertrand Naden Div 187 Nadette
Nadieh Nadine Nadir, Rikki
Nadjma Nadma Naess, Tove
Naevus Nagao Nagel Sisters
Naghtegaal, Ger/ Kinderkoor Nagle, Paul Nagle, Ron
Naglfar Nahual, Alux Naidenow, Nadja
Nail, Jimmy Nail, Leon Nail, Linda
Nailbomb, Jimmy Naile, Linda Naill, Jerry
Nails Naima Naima & Anna Boyar
Nairobi Najee Nakai, R Carlos
Nakajima, Yuhki Nakamura, Tenuo Nakatomi
Naked Naked Aggression Naked City
Naked Eyes Naked Into Naked Lunch
Naked Prey Naked Ray Gun Naked Rhythm
Naked Sun Naked Truth Naked Voice
Naked, Bif Nalepa, Tadeusz Nalin & Kane
Nalin I N C Nall, Jimmy Nall, Jimmy/ Lane, Terri
Namaz Nambo & The Taxi Gang Namchylak, Sainkho
Namchylak, Sainkho/ Yoon, Grace/ Disse, Iris Name Name Escapes Me
Names Namlook, Pete Namyslowski, Zhigniuw
Nan Tuck Five Nana & Co Nana, Niki
Nanaco Nanas, Les Nance, June
Nancey, Alain/ Fanfan Nancy Nancy & The St Thomas More Folk
Nancy Boy Nancy Boys Nanesse
Nanesse & Les Nanas Nanette Nangle, Ed
Naniwa Express Nanja Nanja Jack & De Mona's
Nannini, Gianna Nannini, Gianna/ Edouardo Bennato Nanton, Morris
Nantucket Nanu Naomi
Naomi & Harris Naos Napalm Beach
Napalm Death Napalm Death/ Coalesce Napalm Stars
Napkin, Ronnie Napoleon Napoleon & Friends
Napoleon & Relatives Napoleon Strickland Napoleon Xiv
Napoleon, Phil ( Orch Napoleonic Wars Napoletano, Complesso
Napoli & Glasson Napoli Centrale Napoli, Carmelo Di C: P-j. Borowsky
Napoli, Don Napoli, Francesco Napoli, Jeanne
Napoli, Mandolinenorchester Napper, Kenny/ Orch Nappy Brown
Naptali Napti, Karin Narada
Naranja Mecanica Narayan, Amna Narcisse, Bishop
Narcisse, Louis "rev" Narcisse, Louis H "king" Narcs
Narcy, Jean Nardel, Steve Nardella, Steve
Nardello, George ( Regime) Nardini, Norman & Tigers Nardini, Pete
Nardo, Gino Nardone, Joe Nardonne, Phil
Narell, Andy Nari, Frank/ Russ, Al/ ( Orch ) Narita
Nariz, Wazmo Narnia Narodni Trida
Narrra Narvalo Narvez, Benita ( Orch
Narvie, Don & Visions Narvis Reptile Nasa
Nascar Goes Country Nascimbene, Mario Nascimento, Eduardo
Nascimento, Milton Nascita Della Sfera Nasen
Naser, Ernst Nash Brothers Nash The Slash
Nash, Angie Nash, Bill Nash, Billy
Nash, Billy & Rock Band Nash, Cliff Nash, Gene
Nash, Graham Nash, Johnny Nash, Johnny/ Weston, Kim
Nash, Judy & Others Nash, Lewis Nash, Linda
Nash, Lloyd & Cavaliers Nash, Marvin Nash, Marvin & Chevelles
Nash, Melvin Nash, Neville Nash, Orville
Nash, Phil Nash, Robert Nash, Sally
Nash, Tommy Nashville Nashville All Stars
Nashville Bluegrass Band Nashville Brass Nashville Bridge
Nashville Cats Nashville Children Nashville Chorale
Nashville Cousins Nashville Edition Nashville Five
Nashville Grass Nashville Guitars Nashville Moustache
Nashville Ramblers Nashville Rhythm Section Nashville Soul Orch
Nashville Speakeasy Band Nashville Street Singers Nashville String Band
Nashville String Machine Nashville Superpickers Band Nashville Teens
Nashville Teens/ Kingmen Nashville Train Nashville West
Nasko, Nazz Nasmak Nassan, Frank
Nassau, Ed/ Cook, Daddy Nassereither Buam Nastase, Ilie
Nastasee Nastrond Nastrond 666
Nasty Nasty Boy Click Nasty Boys
Nasty Chad Nasty Habits Nasty Media
Nasty Pop Nasty Rox Inc Nasty Savage
Nasty, Billy Nasty, Dag Nat & John
Natal, Nanette Natalia Natalie & Christine
Natalie, Ann Natasha Natasha & The Delites
Natchband Natchez Trace Nate & The Chryslers
Nath, Pandit Pran Nathalie Nathalie & Nicola
Nathalie & Serge & Les Vibrations Nathan & Sparks Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas
Nathan Beauregard Nathan Mahl Nathan, Mary
Nathaniel Nathanson & Schoenholz Nathune, Joe
Nation Nation To Nation Nation, Buck
Nation, Kerry National Band Of New Zealand National Clouds Of Joy
National Cowboy National Ells National Euphoria
National Gallery National Goes International National Gospel Twins
National Harmonizers National Head Band National Health
National Heroes National Independent Gospel Singer National Jazz Youth Orch
National Lampoon National Pastime National Pasttimes
National Philharmonic Orch National Philharmonic Orch. National Pinion Pole
National Shinguard Company ( West Ham United) National Souls National Steam
National Youth Jazz Orch Nationals Nationalteatern
Nations On Four Nations, Carrie Nationwide England Supporters
Native Native Boys Native Son
Native Tongue Natives Natschinski, Gerd Orch. & Margot Friedlaender
Natsuki Tamura Nattura Natty, Papa
Natural Accustic Band Natural Birth Natural Born Chillers
Natural Born Grooves Natural Bridge Bunch Natural Essence
Natural Experience Natural Four Natural Gas
Natural Gas US Natural Gas Us Natural High
Natural Ites Natural Juices Natural Looks
Natural Music Natural Mystics Natural Resources
Natural Roots Natural Selection Natural Sound
Natural Touch Natural Wave Natural, Clive
Naturale, Ralph Naturals Nature Boy
Nature Boy & Friends Nature Boys Nature Group
Nature Partners Nature Zone Nature's Creation
Nature's Divine Nature's Gift Naturelles
Naturra Naudet, Jean-jacques & Maria Riva Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor
Naughton, David Naughty By Nature Naughty Ladies
Naughty Sweeties Naughty Sweets Naura, Michael/ Wolfgang Schluter
Nausea Nauseef, Mark Nauseef, Mark/ Tadic, Miroslav
Nauticals Nautilus Nautilus Pompilius
Nauty Culture Navajita Platea Navajo
Navara, Tony De Navarro Navarro, Danny
Navarro, Fats Navarro, Fats & Be Bop Boys Navarro, Fats & Thin Men
Navarro, Fats/ Parker, Lee Navarro, Jose Navarro, Tommy
Navarros Navasota Nave
Navel Navel Orange Choir Naviede
Navigators Navon, Rutie Navy Lark
Nayah Nayler, Maria Naylor, Jerry
Naylor, Johni Naylor, Shel Nayobe
Naz, Sasi Nazar Nazareth
Nazca Nazi Punks Nazty
Nazxul Nazy, Ron Cameron Nazz
Nazzaro, Gianni Ncrv Paperclip Nda
Ndegeocello, Me'shell Ndugh & Chocolate Jam Co Ne Mo-rin
Ne Zhdali Ne-mo-rin Neal & Newcomers
Neal, Chris Neal, Coleman O Neal, Dennis
Neal, Elder Neal, Freddie Neal, Jerry
Neal, Johnny Neal, Johnny & Starliners Neal, Kenny
Neal, Meredith Neal, Monica Neal, Pamela
Neal, Raful Neal, Richard Neal, Robert
Neal, Sean Neal, Shirley Neal, Teresa
Neal, Tommy Neale, Ray Nealey, Robert
Neapolitan Orch Near Death Experience Near, Holly
Near, Joe Neary, Brian Neary, Paddy
Neasden Connection Neason, Terry Neat
Neat Beats Neat Change Neats
Neave, Allan Nebelnest Nebia, Lito
Neblett, Hank Nebu Nebulosa
Nec Sportclub Necessaries Neckarbuaba, Original
Neckbones Neco Neco Co Hybe Usima
Necrodeath Necromandus Necromantia
Necromonicon Necronomicon Necrony
Necrophilliac Necrophobic Necropolis
Necros Necrosanct Necrosis
Nectarine Nectarine No9 Ned
Ned & Carolyn Ned & Gary Ned's Atomic Dustbin
Ned, Nelson Nedd, Ramona Nederlands Artiestenkoor
Nederlands Elftal & Havenzangers Nederlands Elftal & Marc Winter Nederlands Gelachensemble
Nederlandse Kantorei Koor Nederlandse Onderwijs Televisie Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Nederlandse, Muziekkring De Cantorij & Maarten Kooy Nederpelt, Charlie & The Vara Dance Orch. Neditch, Stan & Relations
Nee, Bernie Neeber, Grt Mannenkoor/ Schuler Need
Needle In The Groove Neefs, Gunther Neefs, Louis
Neefs, Louis & Connie Neefs, Louis & Miel Cools Neefs, Louis/ Jos De Saeger
Neekxkens, Michel Neel, Boyd Chamber Orch. Neel, Jo Anna
Neel, John Neelee, Dick Neeley, Jimmy